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what does applesauce taste like

What does applesauce taste like?

Guilt-Free guide to what does applesauce taste like!

To assist you in discovering what does applesauce taste like we thought we’d give you a little information about it.

It is kind of like describing what a banana tastes like!   Applesauce can have a whole range of taste experiences.

It can depend on the apples used, how it is made and what ingredients are added. 

Let’s start with the apples. 

This will really determine what does applesauce taste like.

Some apples really lend themselves to making applesauce. 

what does applesauce taste like
Discovery Apple

For example, the Discovery Apple has a unique early flavour, kind of like a hint of strawberry. 

It is also very fragrant.

The Discovery apple is somewhat sweet with a good amount of tangy tartness to it. 

If you’re wondering what applesauce tastes like, it tastes like apples, just more intense and concentrated because there is very little air.  After all apples do float so they have a good amount of air in them.

You can then mash the apples for a hearty, chunky texture or you can puree using a blender or hand blender for a smoother texture. 

If you were to add sugar it would then intensify the sweetness of the applesauce, but isn’t necessary as the applesauce is naturally sweet from the sugars in the apple.

what does applesauce taste like
Gala Apple

Another popular applesauce apple is the Gala or Royal Gala, which is a hybrid of the Kidd’s Orange Red and the Golden delicious.

The Gala Apple applesauce is sweet with a lovely pear like element to its taste. 

The Gala lends itself to the addition of cinnamon which gives it a taste like an apple pie filling. 

You can also use nutmeg, a small bit of clove, ginger and allspice for a lovely treat that borders on desert.

The addition of spices or other fruits will have a dramatic effect on what does applesauce taste like.

A note about textures and how they contribute to the overall taste.

A chunky applesauce gives a more substantial look and taste experience. 

If it is pureed it will have the silky-smooth texture of cream of wheat or semolina porridge and obviously no chunks, or very few.

Some brands can contain added processed sugar or corn fructose, lemon juice, apple juice, a variety of spices.  Some contain other fruits whether pureed into the applesauce or in chunks. 

Some will also contain preservatives.

There are lots of apples to choose from ranging from very tart to very sweet.  The combinations are almost endless but they will all have an impact on what does applesauce taste like.

Here’s some we made earlier!

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