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Discovery Chunky Chilli

New England Apple Sauce Company 100% Organic Discovery Chunky Chilli Apple Sauce

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You’re probably thinking…  “Chilli in apple sauce, they must be mad”

Nope, we knew you really wanted a great taste experience so we give you Discovery Chunky Chilli Apple Sauce.

You will love the hit of heat that you get after swallowing the first spoonful, right down to the last.

You may have already noticed that the colour is unlike the apple sauce you are used to because we leave the skin on.

This makes sure you get all the nutrients present in the whole apple.

Discovery apples are an English variety known for its distinct pink-red colouration on a pale green/yellow background.

You will find the flavour of this is slightly sweet with a lovely tangy element to it.

The Discovery Chunky Chilli apple sauce has a smooth (not baby food smooth) texture with some heft and weight to it.  It is also full of chunks of apples.

You can rest assured that all of our products meet the stringent organic certification requirements of the Soil Association

See our blog page for some amazing information and some fantastic recipes that you will love.

Extra Product Details...


This delicious concoction is made in our kitchen in the Oxfordshire market town of Banbury made to organic standards certified by the Soil Association.

Windmill Orchards is a small, independent orchard located in the village of Sulgrave in Northamptonshire, England. (Famous as the place where George Washington’s ancestors came from.) 

 They produce the wonderful English Apple variety Discovery.  The quaint orchard is certified organic by the Soil Association.   

 It also features in many of the videos I have dotted around the site. 

Our organic chilli comes from India and our supplier is certified organic by the Soil Association.


Ingredients and Allergens

100% Organic Discovery apples
100% Organic Chilli Flakes

No allergens in accordance with UK/EU regulations, however our organic chilli flakes are packed on premises that handle nuts, seeds, cereals, soya and products containing gluten.


Discovery Chunky Chilli
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Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Use by best before date. Once opened refrigerate and consume within four days.


Food contact material: Glass (100% recyclable or reusable)
Lid: Metal 100% recyclable

Shipping material:
Box: 100% recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable or reusable
Tape and labels on the box: 100% recyclable
Packing material 100 % recyclable
Packing peanuts: 100% compostable

2 reviews for Discovery Chunky Chilli

  1. Paul Drake

    Really honest flavour, not too spicy and was great with everything from steak to cheese

    • Admin

      Thank you for your review Paul and we are happy that our enjoyed Chilli Applesauce.

  2. daniellegates86

    I absolutely love not only the amazing flavour and texture that these have, nothing like anything you’d find at the supermarket, but also the versatility of it as a food product for us as a family! It’s great to bake with (think muffins, fruit bars, amazing on top of porridge etc), accompanying meals, and travelling snack! My daughter and I regularly take a jar with us when we’re on the go, and I feel good that I’m feeding us both something guilt-free, nutritious, and tasty as opposed to bad for us, no nutritional value and debatable flavour!
    Would 100% recommend to families, mums who like to cook and bake, and need to have healthy but amazing tasting snacks on the go for themselves and their kids!
    Also – the jars have been a godsend for us – we never need to buy containers for the craft cupboard anymore – so we’ve made a fairy light for her room, and many more have been used to house homemade slime making attempts!

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