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Eco Friendly Project for Kids

Are you wondering how to entertain your children on those rainy school holidays?

Here is another inventive way to upcycle used glass jars, live in an eco-friendly way, and spread the love with this eco friendly project for kids.

Have them try to guess the number of items in the jar.

What you will need:

  • Clean empty jar with a lid  (won’t be hard to find with all those empty New England Apple Sauce jars hanging around)
  • A set of kitchen scales (one with a zero/tare button)
  • A calculator (or math skills)
  • Something to put in the jar.  (in this example we used M&M’s™ but you can use raisins, nuts etc)


eco-friendly projects for kids

Set your kitchen scales to grams

Place 10 of your items on the scale

Divide the total weight by 10 – now you’ve got the weight of each of your items.

Place your empty jar on the scale and press the zero/tare button

Fill up the jar and divide the total weight by the items weight to get the total number of items in the jar.

We’ll let you decide what the prize for the closest guess is!

If you want more awesome eco friendly projects for kids check out Get Green Now!

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