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The Apple Sauce Guy

Ever wondered how we get nicknames?

Here’s a funny and touching story of how I got this one!

You know how it goes!

Got a call from a friend and she told me she received a call from her daughter’s teacher. 

The students all had a project to complete. 

The project was to write a story about three of their heroes.

Her daughter had written about her mother and father and the third was about Tim the Apple Sauce Guy!

The teacher was curious to know who the Apple Sauce Guy was. 

This kind of threw the teacher when she asked her if I was a relative and the answer was:

“No, he’s the guy that makes the Apple Sauce!”

She even drew a picture and it is a pretty good likeness. (When I was 14)

This little darling even described the Apple Sauce as “Dreams in a jar” 

Watch the video to get the full story from them!

Funny how life works, when I was a boy, I really loved the legend of Johnny Appleseed.  As legend has it, his dream was to produce so many apples that no one would ever go hungry so he planted apple seeds wherever he went.

If you click on his picture you can find out what he was actually doing.

Initially he was called the Apple Seed Man and later became known as Johnny Appleseed.

Hmmm, not sure I like the sound of Timmy Apple Sauce!

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