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easy apple sauce porridge with selection of fruit in the picture
BBQ Sauce picture of the gala plain Applesauce used to make it

About Us

Growing up in the North-eastern United States I fondly remember walking home from school on crisp, clear autumn days.

The trees brimming in vivid reds, yellows, oranges and greens.

The sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot…

Arriving home and being met at the door with the irresistible aroma of apples and cinnamon cooking away to make a wonderful, chunky applesauce.

The warnings of my grandmother to stay away because the apple sauce was to go with our pork chops for dinner; and her eventual surrender when she provided me with a bowl.

An explosion of guilt-free pleasure in every bite…

The Journey

February 2015
First Tastes
After settling in the UK and being unable to find apple sauce that would match my grandmothers, I decided to make my own.
February 2015
December 2018
After several years of friends and family strongly suggesting that I sell this amazing creation, I decided to do just that – and the idea for the New England Apple Sauce Company was born.
December 2018
November 2019
Community Involvement
You want a company that has roots in the community so we partnered with The Orchard Project in their mission to create; restore and celebrate community orchards.
We also got involved in helping young people just starting out in business studies by collaborating on a mutually beneficial project with the Banbury and Bicester College.
the orchard project and activate learning
November 2019
December 2019
Testing and more testing
You wanted the best apple sauce in the world! That took some time to get right!
we tested until we got it right!
December 2019
June 2021
Organic Here we Come
The best had to be organic so the Soil Association put us through our paces to make sure you were getting an amazing "organic" product with 100% organic ingredients
June 2021
July 2021
Only the Best
You wouldn’t let us stop there!
You wanted a company that had the health of the planet at the forefront of their thinking.
You got it.
All our packaging is either 100% recycled already or 100% recyclable.
We use only renewable energy!
Some of our packaging is even compostable.
July 2021

Why Choose Us

Tastes Great

You deserve the best! That's what we're giving you!

Good for you

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

Good for the Planet

You want companies to be environmentally and ethically sound. So do we!

Who has the time

We've already made it for you!


This is the best applesauce I've found since I moved to the UK from the USA over 30 years ago. All other brands now seem bland and watery by comparison. I especially love the chilli flavours which was a surprise to the taste buds but a delightful surprise. I've now given it as Christmas gifts to friends and family to show them what REAL applesauce is like. Thank you New England Apple Sauce Company for this special treat!
Truly, I can't say enough about this company! Every single product is above and beyond in terms of flavour and I love the presentation! Customer service is second to none - this is a place that values its customers and it SHOWS 🥰 My daughter and I use these little jars of happiness for - on the run snacks, to bake with (makes a ridiculously good alternative to veg oil in cakes for e.g.), as an accompanying component to almost every meal now, and for breakfast! Sprinkle seeds, nuts, dried fruit, or on its own and it's a great brekkie meal. If I could give more stars I would- fantastic company, exquisite product!
"Absolutely love this apple sauce! Bought as Christmas gifts for my family too who are now all fans. You'll never buy apple sauce from anyone else after you've tried these."

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